Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Lioness vs. Phoenix

I haven't written a word in months.  Neither on my blog nor on my novel.  I have so many great ideas and hopes and dreams, and never do anything about any of it.  I have realized a few things that have changed in me over the past years, and I think there is a time for a change in many areas.

First, I am no longer a Phoenix.  I have risen above the ashes, and have stayed alive and thrived.  I no longer need to continue to die and rise again.  Being the Phoenix represented a time in my life when I didn't know what I was, who I was and was still stuck in between the broken pieces of my heart and my life.

Thanks to my friends and my sons, my heart has been pieced back together.  The glue is still wet and sticky, but my heart is whole again.  It cannot handle too much pressure, though, until the mortar solidifies and heals completely.  But for the most part, I'm ready.  And so, a new animal guide was necessary.

I am a Leo, born August 11th.  I have every characteristic of a typical only child Leo.  Lions have always represented God, power and strength.  Oh, and I have four cats.  I have always loved big cats, probably stemming from my mother's love of tigers.  But it's always been the lion that drew me in.  One of my prized possessions is a statue of a lion with wings, but it's not a griffin.  It's a royal looking lion with wings.  He stands proudly atop my bookcase and has always had a place of honor wherever I have lived.  He's kind of like Aslan with wings.  So when it came time to find another animal to identify with, the lion was the obvious choice; and as I am female, the lioness it is.

And so, the new title of my blog - The Lioness Roars.  I am opinionated and passionate.  I have so much to say, and really no one to listen to me.  Sometimes I can get my sons or my students to listen, but I think a blog is a great way to get some of these thoughts "out there".

So, let's try this again.  New title; new attitude; new design and new outlook. 

Paws crossed!

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  1. I love your writing, but you already know that! :)

    To new beginnings, Sis! Life is exactly that : beginnings and endings. We are like the phoenix throughout our life. We a born from the ashes, blazing and glorious, only to die and start all over again. Except, each rebirth sees us evolving into something more beautiful, or stronger. In your case, the lion is what represents you at this stage of your life. I think it is accurate. You are strong. Let the world know by letting out a mighty roar!!

    Love you Sis! I'm rambling.. I need to go to bed. LOL